We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
It has been a busy and fruitful year. Without a doubt, all this would not have happen if not for :-

1. Invaluable client that stay with us, year on year. (We appreciate your business and support)
2. New Client. (Thank you for placing your faith with us. Hope to be of service for many more years.)
3. Factories (Thank you for helping make that perfect corporate gift for clients)
4. Last but not least, printers. (Thank you for rushing out numerous jobs on tight schedule)
By now, you should have received the christmas gift, trust that it will be extreme useful to you. You can do so much more with the simple gift (i.e plan your many long weekends for 2015) Singapore 2015 public holidays, click here to MOM site. (Bosses please don't come down hard on us, we are just providing useful links)


Once again, we @ Aquaholic Gifts and Gimmicks, (Corporate Gifts Specialist) wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Just a random video created for viewing pleasure. Hopefully it can help in deciding what gifts is needed. Be it for your corporate events, conference, sports days etc... .... Instead of going thru the online catalogue, perhaps something might catch your eye. I will come up with such random 1m video on and off, if it is is popular. 



Starting off with a THANK YOU to the Pinterest followers. I will try to upload more images as soon as possible.
If you are keen, do visit us at Corporate Gifts Singapore Join us. We are social.

11But first, let me take a selfie. Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don't know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia. Ok ok.. I am just kidding. Just find it very catchy.

Many times, when you are on a trip travel or honeymooning. No one would snap a shot for you? That won't be an issue anymore. Taking selfies have never been easier with this extendable mono-pod that latches your phone securely. You can now include more in your photos!

12Cover with fine PU Leather notebook. A premium notebook in it's own class. Suitable for any events, conference etc... ... Even more so, if your targeted audenice are the CEO's, Presidents, GM's, COO's and such... Your prestige logo can be blind emboss on the product. Come in various size and colours, as they are custom made. Probably the best Corporate Gifts for any event and anyone.

08At times you are constraint by the limited printing colour and/or printing area of a product. Tons of message to sent across with yet so little room. Or you need to showcase your product in FULL vibrant colours and yet be economical as these are for the masses. We might just have the ideal doorgifts for your corporate needs.


09I think we have all been there, after a long meeting, lengthly conference call, running out of battery juice at the precise right moment when you need to make that last phone call. Fret no more, light weight, small, USB mobile charger (aka powerbank) @ approx. 2600mAh, that pack just enough power juice to last you for a while.


10It's the holiday season again. With just two to three more weeks for you to get away. Dont forget to capture those precious moments. Be it a long or short haul, you might wanna bring a long a travel adpater. What good will it bring, if your devices are out of battery?


Just a quick update and just wanna rant about it. I asked admin if they have the softcopy for 2015 and i was told it was not ready. So i make do and update whatever is available. Less than a week, they pass me another copy to upload. Supposely a new catalogue *FACEPALM*. Lucikly i didnt do it, well, because we NOW have the 2015 catalogue ready for download, fresh from the oven.

Cheers. For those who have download the old copy, do grab the new 2015 Corporate Gifts Online Catalogue. Just follow the link or you you prefer a dropbox link. The old links and all links are updated to the 2015 The Gift Catalogue.

Here the follow up from 24 Nov 2014 on the past project preview for the corporate gifts. Enjoy. There will be more to come, i will try to update as much as possible but i have only 2 hands beside I am also tied down with other good stuff for you.

05What do you do if you have a tight budget and need to cater to a big event. Consider PVC gift, they may not be ECO friendly, however it does meet your requirement. Coin pouch is one idea, say if you are holding a saving event, and you need to freely give out something with a message sent accoss..

06People these days are very health conscious, from eating healthy to regularly exercising. What better idea than a sports bag to house your towelor jogging shoes?

07Uncanny similarity with something you saw in the news recently. We did this cardboard briefcase some time back in 2012 i think. And nope.. We didnt get that project, but that will not stop us, as we continue to innovate and bring new ideas and product into the industry.

All right.. That's it for today. I am rushing another good stuff for you. Stay tuned.

** Updates 04 Dec 2015 . if you have download the black online catalogue, please re-download the latest 2015 copy. Link are updated, so click away **

Was meddling with the hardcopy catalogue and suddenly decided why not. Let get the online catalogue for the corporate gifts ready for anyone to download Corporate Gifts catalogue, as frequently we do have request for softcopy.

Upon clicking the link, it will bring you to a new page that loads the PDF. Just scroll your mouse to the bottom right, can you should be able to save it.


It has been about a week since i upload anything. I have just gather the images for the past project, there are more to come. Which i will slowly update them into the respective catagory for easy searching and view. Do make use of our search function as well. Below are some preview to what we have done perviously and or recently.

01 02Let go eco friendly, mother earth do needs us. Foldable bag to fit in your carrier for any occassion. Be it doing weekend marketting, shopping or a random outing. These gifts are good for almost any events. Or bring it along to your weekend travel getaway.

03 04 What a CUTE sling bag, it can fit your ipad and wallet in it. Popular with kids, great with adult. One size bag that fits all.

Going for that art class soon. Canvas bag with pencil case that is both eco friendly, re-useable and durable.

Cardboard Whiteboard Design 5 copy Just received the artwork this morning. Just a preview, i am waiting for more visual. Enjoy.
Think about what you can do with it? tongue-out

It has been a fruitful year for us at Aquaholic Corporate Gifts, without you, it wouldn't have happen.
It's that time of the year again.  We have been gifting yearly for a while now (in house event ya).
Preparation for our 2014 xmas gift went smooth.  Well into production now, although i am not involved (phew) lucky me.

I will be updating the product we have design from scratch to prototype to production. Randomly
we mail out these gift from our pool of existing client and potential client that enquire with us before.

Read more: Christmas 2014 yearly gifting event

OPS.. Content is not ready yet. Yet you manged to find us.  In the meantime enjoy a very beautiful photo from unsplash.

Be sure to check back!!!

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